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Nov 26, 2012 10:00am PST
morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for stink -- a student council. governor? [applause] in keeping with the discussion, he is keen on innovation and things of that nature. i know that will come out. thank you, governor. >> are we all set? i am from the "mercury news," and we're here because we live in a global cloueconomy. it has altered local economies because so many manufacturing and technology jobs are moving, whether it is a matter of costs for going where the trained work force is. we're fortunate to have to governors here to talk about how that change affects their jobs and what they're doing to jump- start their economies which compete with one another. this could be fun. let me start with our guest. governor hickenlooper. i knew that was going to happen. most of us here are pretty much aware of california's budget crisis. can you give us a quick briefing on where colorado is an
Nov 27, 2012 5:30pm PST
adopting the game. [applause] >> governor hickenlooper, this is your chance. you have here a room full of silicon valley executives. what do you say to them to get them to expand or move to colorado? >> can governor brown leave the room for a minute? >> i am a great believer that luring companies from one state to the other does not help the country. i think it is a race to the bottom. as the governor would say. it is useful for us to be as relentlessly pro-business as we can. we're very focused on education and we want to be the no. 1 state for solving this riddle that this country has become from being the no. 1 public education nation to one in the bottom half. we know the things -- at risk kids are coming from difficult neighborhoods and often broken families, they need a longer school day. that is nothing new there. there's another way to do that without spending a bunch of money. you can get your teachers union to agree to stagger the school day. some teachers come in early and you have study hall, some come in later and you have sports after school. there is a bunch of ways
Nov 16, 2012 7:00pm EST
john hickenlooper knows passage of the amendment puts the state on a collision course with the federal government, which still regards the possession and sale of marijuana a crime. that's why one of the first steps he took last week was to set up a call with u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> he was mostly listening. he was trying to get what we thought might be issues, problems-- how we were going to respond to one part or another. so he was more in a listening mode, just gathering information. >> reporter: but colorado officials aren't just waiting for the federal response. they're putting together a task force to research the best way to create a retail marijuana system which would regulate the growing and selling of the product. the result will be introduced in next year's legislative session. despite opposing the measure, hickenlooper says he wont hinder it now. >> well, it's a democracy, right? in a democracy, when people vote for things that you may not agree with, if you're the elected leader, you've still got to implement them. so, we're going to do that in the most respons
Nov 7, 2012 10:00am EST
iowa. >> hickenlooper, there's a bunch of hickenloopers buried in iowa. >>> trivia. since 1900 how many democratic presidential nominees have won virginia in a general electitwi? the answer is four. here's the tricky one. william jennings bryan. he won virginia in 1900 and 1908. he just never won the preside y presidency. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> all right. time for shameless plugs. we're shamelessly ripping off "morning joe" so we can get out of thomas roberts' way. but i will start with shameless plugs with mr. zelner. >> figure out what happened county by county. ny best graphics out there. >> it is good. >> talking about the 2016 caucus caucuses. i've got to plug the home state iowa. still critical in this presidential process. >> now you're going to get the e-mail from michigan democrats and republicans who cla
Nov 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
, colorado governor john hickenlooper won this attention-getting ad. >> i'm john hickenlooper. i'm not a very good politician because i can't stand negative ads. every time i see one i feel like i need to take a shower. >> a political ad that makes people laugh can be just as powerful as an attack an ad. the first to discover that is lyndon johnson. johnson pokes fun of goldwater who said that the east coast should be sawed often to get rid of liberals. >> the visual image matched the ad and that makes for a very effective ad. >> sarcasm reached new heights for this groundbreaking ad for hubert humphrey. [ laughing ] >> in 1968 democrats ran an ad making fun of the fact that nixon put this little known governor agnew on the ticket as vice presidential nominee. >> the only sound was laughing until the end. [ coughing ] >> the ad range true when agnew became the only vice president in history to resign because of real charge. but these days most of the campaign comedy is found in independent ads on the internet. >> i'm asking you to vice schlep over to florida and tell them to vote.
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Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
? the question over governor hickenlooper after voters approved historic measure. >> our voters want marijuana to be regulated. like alcohol. >> hickenlooper talked with eric holder about the issue today. state leaders have a lot of questions about dealing with a new constitutional amendment decriminalizing marijuana. >> there are a lot of laws i think are stupid that i support and provided a vice on every day. >> colorado attorney general southers opposed the amendment that won 55% of the vote. it allows those age 21 years and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, grow six pot plants naned the long-term wording allowed for stores to sell it to recreational users. the law contradicts federal policy. >> owe it to the people of colorado to state intentions. are you going to prosecute? because people going in business need to know that. >> constitutional law professor specializes in marijuana law. he says colorado and washington state passals are a major transition beyond medical use. >> we could see the federal government come down strongly on what is happening here. we could s
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
jokess i'm sure there will be plenty of snack foods governor john hickenlooper cculd only warn everyone not to "break out the heetos and goldfish" juut yet. he factt is no oneeknows what will happen next.."it's hard to imagine the chaos that woull result if state by state you had one state egalizing it ann one state not legalizing ii." bbt thatts exactly what's happening... 17 stttes have alrrady legalized marijuana for medicinalluse. and colorado and washington sttte are the firss to approve selling the drug like alcohol. theevote has put hese statee federal government, which marijuaaa is crimee "it simply can't go onn te way it is, it can'ttbeea big industry same timee" sam amin is a universitt f denver law professor.... he says as morr and more states legalized maaijuana for mediiall purposes, the federal goverrment looked the other -& marijuana here is viollted federra law. mmryyand's .... marijuana policy... liberal direction... this year...//. minor... possesion oo marijuana... has been reduced a ...of... spending a night... d & in jail. jail. and possession of ess thhn 10 g
Nov 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
block the new laws. colorado governor john hickenlooper says he's now prepared to fight. >> i didn't support the initiative, but you can't argue with the will of the voters. the sentiment was pretty clear. >> reporter: what happens when the smoke clears is still up in the air. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> brennan: the legalization of marijuana use in colorado and washington is putting some latin american governments in an awkward position. after four decades on the front lines of the u.s. government's drug wars, some countries are now wondering if it was worth the cost. it is no longer a criminal act to possess small amounts of marijuana in mexico and nine other latin american countries. producing and selling those drugs remains illegal. but after decades of battling drug lords and seizing and burning illicit drugs, the presidents of guatemala, colombia, and mexico, crucial aflies america's war on drugs, are wondering if they are fighting a losing battle. >> look at mexico the past six years, more than 60,000 dead in their drug wars, and that's just one country. >> reporte
Nov 18, 2012 7:30am PST
hickenlooper says he's now prepared to fight. >> i didn't support the initiative, but you can't argue with the will of the voters. the sentiment was pretty clear. >> what happens when the smoke clears is still up in the air. cbs news, los angeles. >>> well, back here in the bay area, a few headlines, the rebuilding of chevron's crude unit. it caught fire in august. it continues the oil giant is expected to give a presentation on the work tomorrow in the bay area quality management district board. chevron is expected to present a plan on how it will reduce emissions at the richard facility in the future. >>> registered nurses are planning a strike for this tuesday and wednesday. they're upset about the corporation's plan to redeuce benefit benefits. at hospitals in berkley, they're proposing in the of sick leave. this would force nurses to work when they're ill. >> and first lady michelle obama will honor youth radio this week. the arts and humanities award is like a lifetime achievement award. youth radio teaches students about the medium and issues important to our society. in this r
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Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
different kind of pot. governor hickenlooper, the governor of colorado had to call in the u.s. attorney and say what are we going to do here? technically it is still illegal to do this. but yet, there is more dysenterys of pot in colorado than starbucks. >> ericstarbucks >> andrea: you are an expert. tell us what you think about this. marijuana lobby is not as power as liquor lobby in washington, d.c. i say decriminalize it. it support it. it's a tradeoff. i think it can be a gateway drug but i am willing to accept that maybe more people will smoke marijuana and make bad decisions if the crime rate could go down. tradeoff i'm willing to take. >> eric: why stop at pot, then? why not criminalize. >> andrea: if you are going to legalize it, you have to make people responsible for decisions. what we have in new york is people who are hitting rock bottom on drugs and then we have to take care of them. that is the problem. they go too far, they burn out and go down the rabbit hole. taxpayer is stuck with the bill. they don't have a job, we have to pay for it. in rehab version to pay
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
: that's the problem there. hickenlooper like most democrats don't like being a democrat, and say some people think there's going to be big shops and there's going to be large growers. having big pot shops if the federal government still views it as illegal. is he trying to discourage this going forward? >> the governor, the state attorney general and the state legislature are obligated to follow the will of the people. the people of colorado believe that marijuana is safer when it's off the streets and behind a counter. they demonstrated that with 55% of them demonstrated that yesterday when they voted for it. and i think we have time here to instill some common sense in our our government. i'm cautiously optimistic that our government will see that colorado has the right to legalize marijuana as we see fit. >> cenk: tell me if this is possible. whether it's democrat or republican, but especially for conservatives, if they say that you're not allowed to legalize pot in colorado, can you make them sign a pledge saying i don't believe in states rights at all. i never believed in state's
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am EST
hickenlooper in colorado who won last night had a funny statement. he said the voters have spoken. we have to respect their will. this will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. that said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don't break out the cheetos or goldfish too quickly. that's why i bring it up. >> that's a great tweet. >> in a related story savannah just purchased a second home in colorado. >> oh, willie. >> a ski home. >> my favorite exchange last night is when lester hold said oh, yeah it's a good night for pot smokers and brian williams said let's keep your personal life out of it. >> got a little punchy there. >> for me some of the enduring images yesterday were the lines. a lot of us stood in lines to vote. we saw lines as six hours. >> i had no line. i was disappointed. should be waiting in a long line. >> one, how great is this that we still live in a country where people will wait six hours to cast a single vote in an election and number two how in the era of the iphone and ipad are we still standing in six-hour lines? has to be a bet
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
% that the u.s. will fall off the fiscal cliff. let's hope he's wrong. >>> governor john hickenlooper of colorado says don't break out the cheetos or the goldfish, at least not yet, after voters passed a ballot measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. that's setting up a looming legal battle with the justice department. we have this statement from the dea. "the drug enforcement administration's enforcement of the controlled substances act remains unchanged. the department of which is is reviewing the ballot initiatives and we have no additional comment at this time." >>> and on the subject of cheetos and goldfish, you knew this would happen. a special delivery of cheetos and goldfish sent to the colorado governor's office by a local marijuana advocate. the governor was out, so we don't know if he had a chance to eat them yet. his secretary accepted the shipment. governor hickenlooper still has to sign off on the ballot measure before recreational marijuana use in colorado is officially approved. >>> so we all remember the last time he was on twitter. coming up, why disgra
Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
model for the nation, in how to assassinasensibly use marijuana. >> reporter: but john hickenlooper, who opposed it, thought otherwise, the government still calls it a dangerous substance, and enforcement of the act remains unchanged. >> it is hard to imagine the chaos resulting state by state, if you have one state with it legal, one without. >> reporter: in fact, some sellers of medical marijuana, already legal here say they wouldn't risk selling recreational pot. >> were going to stay medical, obviously, to try to keep the heat off. >> reporter: but the heat could be right around the corner, a collision between federal law and state voters over any type of marijuana, seemingly unavoidable. and in another notable ballot measure, in california, voters agreed to pay more in sales tax and more in income tax for high earners, to help close what governor jerry brown calls a $34 billion state budget cap. >> and on a beautiful evening in denver, mike taibbe, thank you. >>> chuck todd, for those of us who love the game and love politics, there are so many race -- results from last night. i tho
Nov 4, 2012 9:00pm PST
, john hickenlooper. we've got your former mayor and a great friend, a member of my national team, pena. and we've got one of the finest congressional delegations any place in the country right here in colorado, we're so proud of all of them. please give them a big round of applause. now, for the past several days, all of us have been focused on not just elections, but we've been focused on what's been happening on the east coast. one of the worst storms of our lifetime. and as a nation, we mourn those who were lost. and unffortunately the people o this town understand what it means to grieve better than most. because the wounds of that terrible shooting are still fresh in people's minds. but just as you've begun to heal as a community, we're going to help our friends on the east coast heal as well. we're going to walk with the people whose lives have been upended. those who have lost loved ones. we're going to walk with them every step of the way on the hard road ahead because that's what we do as americans. we help our mayneighbors and friends rebuild. we will carry on with a sp
Nov 7, 2012 5:30pm PST
hickenlooper had opposed the measure. >> well again i think the voters were pretty clear. so in terms of the state, it's de-criminalized. i mean we will not be prosecuting people on a state law basis. >> brown: the measures are in conflict with federal law, where possession of the drug remains illegal. so what were voters saying when casting their ballots? we try to parse the various results now with linda killian, senior scholar at the woodrow wilson international center and author of the book, "the swing vote: the untapped power of independents." and stuart rothenberg of the rothenberg political report and roll call, my side-kick and our go-to analyst last night during our election special. a very long special. welcome back, stuart. >> thanks. >> brown: hello to linda. stu, let mestart with you. on the one hand you end up with the status quo in congress, right. on the other hand, given where things started the democrats did quite well, especially in those tight senate races. so a at a later, what can we say? >> absolutely. you're right. things stayed the same bought they didn'
Nov 15, 2012 9:00pm PST
they want to do in terms of political advertising spending. >> what's job-killer john hickenlooper's plan for colorado? >>yssd: onof t most visible consequences of this new atmosphere has been the explosive growth of ads made by tax-exempt non-profits known as 501c4s. they're different from the super pacs that we've all heard so much about. super pacs have to tell us where they get their money. but the 501c4s? >> the 501c4s are not required to disclose their donors and there are ways in which they can get around having to do so. so there are certain advantages, and strategic actors are maybe more likely to want to funnel their funds through a 501c4 than they might be other types of outside organizations. >> ryssdal: strategic actors. >> strategic actors. >> ryssdal: help me understand. >> yeah. so, if i want to contribute money that is intended to benefit a particular candidate or a particular political party, but i don't want that money trail to come back to me, i'm going to choose a different way to give money than i might otherwise. >> ryssdal: so that would be a 501c4, right, whi
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
hickenlooper has also said he has called attorney general eric colder to reconcile his state's and then met with federal law. >> we have a call into eric holder so in the next 24 hours, ink right after lunch tomorrow, i am scheduled to look at that -- i am not a lawyer, so my sense on this is it is unlikely the federal government is going to allow states one by one to unilaterally legalize marijuana, but i have not heard that. >> paul armentano, the deputy director of the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws says there is a much the feds can do right now. he wrote in the daily caller on wednesday -- those are the words of the deputy director of normal. mick dumke, your response? how this is going to play out? >> i think everyone is waiting to see. we have seen the last few years with states that have passed medical marijuana laws that the federal program still has self -- felt compelled to move in and shut down dispensaries and force people they felt were violating u.s. tax laws and so forth. people are waiting to see what happens with this next phase of the refor
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am PST
. colorado's governor, john hickenlooper says, quote, the voters have spoken. we have to respect their will. this will be a complicated process but we intend to follow through. that said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don't break out the cheetos or gold fish too quickly. oh, but there are those who are so ready for that. lawyer who supports the marijuana industry sent the governor a special delivery of cheetos and gold fish. seriously, though, this is no joke because it's complicated. joining me now is colorado attorney general john suthers. welcome. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you so much for being here. your on record against this, but say you'll respect what the voters decided. what will be the biggest challenge for you? >> i think clearly it's the conflict between federal and state law. in 2005 in a case called reish versus gonzalez, the united states supreme court made it very clear that the federal government is free to enforce its anti-marijuana laws even in state that is legalize it on a state level. so we really need to find out what the federal
Nov 10, 2012 5:00am PST
enforced. governor hickenlooper of colorado said hold off on the cheetos to his pot-smoking constituents because if the feds are going to come in and enforce the laws, people are going to be in trouble. and they have an arsenal of laws. they can charge banks with money laundering if they loan money to an entity that sells marijuana. they can lock people up for growing it. they can seize assets, they can do all kinds of things. so this thing is going to be a slow introduction nationwide if in fact we're going to see legalization. >> some see an upside here. they're seeing a multi billion dollar industry in these two states and possibly a whole lot of tax revenue. >> well, you know, i think you're on to something there. the talk that i've heard most recently from people is, hey, why don't you just legalize it and tax it. in california, for instance, i was looking at the stats. they think it's a $14 billion crop. it's the largest cash crop in california currently. now, if you take those figures and project them nationwide, and by the way over 100 million americans admit to havi
Nov 7, 2012 11:00am PST
, john hickenlooper. he said this, the voters have spoken and we will respect their will. that said, federal law still says mare waylae marijuana is a drug so don't break out the cheetos or goldfish too quickly. i don't know what he's talking about there, john. but how is all of this going to shake out between the states and the feds who say this is illegal? >> it is a nightmare for the governor and for the president because the best possible circumstance would be that they reached some sort of negotiated circumstance, like the federal government says if you make good faith efforts to prevent diversion to other states, then we won't interfere with your efforts to regulate the industry. there is going to have to be dialogue and compromise because the laws just absolutely conflict now. >> have you been in touch? what are you hearing from the department of justice as far as taking the time and the money to prosecute? >> traditionally the federal agents have gone after high level people, 200 pounds and up, or at the border. and they have the right to go after people who have smaller qua
Nov 20, 2012 3:00am PST
we can do this. just for example the governor of west virginia. and john hickenlooper in colorado. both say to paraphrase them very simply we think this law is great. we're not totally sure we can pull it off right now. >> john: because saving american lives costs money. if it is one thing if we're going to bomb the crap out of a third world nation. our tax dollars are great for war but when it comes to saving lives domestically, it gets pricy. >> it is easy for those folks. republicans and democrats to adopt that attitude because the feds will come in and do it. it may not work as well. there may be hiccups that wouldn't exist. we can talk about what some of those might be if you want the details. it won't not happen. it just might happen more -- with more difficulty and another thing is that all of these governors who were saying no right now no, we're not going to create these health insurance exchanges for people to buy coverage or no, we're not going to expand the medicaid program to very poor people, they can change their minds and do it later. >> john: i hear u2 playing, we
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Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
here, john hickenlooper said it could be many, many months before they write the regulations, come up with a way to license the facilities that will sell these things. our initiative makes it possible to grow up to six plants in your own home, so there is all sorts of questions about enforcement and regulation. and i think it will be interesting to see how much discretion is -- >> gretchen: it's gog add to a whole new mess. some people say it's good thing because it will free up cops to make arrears. then they say you can also tax it so it will bring in monetary gain for the state. my question this morning is, first of all, shouldn't they be cutting spending before you move to legalizing pot to make up your budget deficit? >> yeah. i would say that was probably one of the more disingenuous arguments. the thing to understand about a state like colorado is very purple. it wasn't just sort of your left wing soros billionaires that helped fund and push this thing through. it was libertarian conservative think tanks like the end penitentiary institute. we already have medical marijuana her
Nov 8, 2012 4:00pm EST
approved of legalizing marijuana, the state's governor mayor hickenlooper could only warn those not to bring out the cheetos yet. no one knows what will happen next. >> it's hard to imagine the chaos that would result if state-by-state you had one state legalizing it and one state not. >> reporter: but that's exactly what's happening. 17 states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal use. and colorado and washington state are the first to approve selling the drug like alcohol. the vote has put these states on a collision course with the federal government, which still says possessing marijuana is a crime. >> it simply can't go on the way it is. it can't be a big industry and a federal crime at the same time. >> reporter: sam is a university of denver law professor. he says as more and more states legalize marijuana for medical purposes, the federal government look the other way. >> every store that sells marijuana here is violating federal law. federal government could come in, they could seize assets, they could charge people criminally, they could send people to jail for sc
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
measures could be challenged in court. the colorado governor john hickenlooper said in a press conference, and i'm quoting now "this will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. that said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug. so don't break out the cheetos or goldfish too quickly." it stands that it's illegal to sell, possess or use marijuana. i'm joined by cnn's legal analy analyst jeffrey toobin. we're talking about marijuana for recreational purposes. there's a big difference. >> it is. and the governor is quite clear and right. it is not legal under federal law to possess marijuana. now, what makes this a peculiar situation is that in most jurisdictions when i was assistant u.s. attorney in new york, we had rules. we didn't prosecute under federal except very large quantities of marijuana. we left that to the states. here, apparently, the state is not going to prosecute. but even though the federal government doesn't generally prosecute, it's still illegal. so obviously there has to be some sort of negotiation here or people are taking a terrible ris
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)